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The CompanyFarSite Communications IoT

FarSite Communications designs, develops and manufactures complete IoT systems for smart waste handling, flood level monitoring and a wide range of wired communications products for business and governmental use including PCIe and USB adapters.

How we sell

The products are supplied throughout the world by our resellers, local representatives and in some cases direct. The company boasts a highly prestigious international client list.

Our Policy

It’s the company’s policy is to continuously invest in the development of new products and the enhancement of our existing product lines. It’s our objective to improve product performance, drive down our customers energy use, reduce the carbon generating greenhouse gases, improve product sustainability and longevity.

Future Developments

In line with our company policy we will continue to invest in developing high quality, energy efficient IoT products, solving real world issues. We maintain and enhance our current wired communications product range so that customers can continue to use the product in key infrastructure with confidence.

Our Products

IoT products:

netBin – A comprehensive waste container fill rate monitoring solution, complete with bin sensors, route scheduling, collection apps, secure locking, fire warnings and much more.

Liquinet – A liquid level monitoring solution that enables early warning of water level changes for flood detection and water resource management.

Our IoT products are designed to save our customers money, increase operating efficiency  and reduce their carbon footprint.

Wired communications adapters

Under the FarSync product line we have developed a very large range of high quality intelligent WAN PCIe, USB, PCI and PMC synchronous and X.25 adapters for PCs, servers and laptops.

Gateways and Bridges

Under the FarLinX family product line we have developed Gateway appliances for X.25 and XOT network access and Bridging between TCP/IP and HDLC synchronous lines.

Supporting our products

We have such confidence in the quality of the products that we offer our customers telephone and email access to the excellent and responsive technical support department.


The story begins in the 1980s when many of the current UK FarSite Communications development and management staff were part of the original engineering team at The Software Forge Ltd, a highly successful company that specialised in data communications products and X.25 products in particular. The Software Forge was bought by Racal in 1995 and included as a division within Racal Datacomms group.

FarSite Communications was formed in 1998 from people working at Racal after it started divesting itself of a number of divisions. Racal later became part of Thales. Since then staff have joined from many other companies.

In 2009 FarSite was proud to be awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise

queens_award_farsite communications

FarSite was an early researcher and developer of IoT products starting in 2012 and introducing it’s first IoT product offering netBin into the market in 2015.

Today, the netBin solution comprises of fill-level sensors, collection confirmation devices, secure wireless locking and a comprehensive software platform for real-time sensor management, overview, route planning, analytics and notifications.

In 2018, the company added NB-IoT cellular connectivity to it’s fill level sensors together with its partner Vodafone, this was followed by the release of an LTE-Cat M1 cellular option.

Liquinet, a liquid monitoring system went into live use in 2019 as a flood level warning system using devices fitted in drains and over bridges.


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