Litter Bin Monitoring

Our litter bin monitoring system is the modern approach to waste management

A combination of fill level monitoring and proximity tagging gives the complete picture of your litter bin network. Litter bins traditionally are over emptied to ensure that public spaces remain clean, pleasant and safe for pedestrians. Using our fill level monitoring system for litter bins we will reduce the number of unnecessary empties per day to save time and money.

As litter bins filling pattern directly correlates to the footfall at any time of the day, netBin’s historical analysis will enable you to understand what times of day require most attention and attribute you staff accordingly.

nPod – Fill Level Monitoring

Our litter bin sensors fit perfectly into most litter bin designs with very simple installation due to its patent pending variable angle dual ultrasonic system and two bolt design.

netBin litter bin monitoring solution

Reliably measuring fill level, temperature, battery and signal level our innovative nPod also detects vibrations and tilt actions which can be setup to trigger alarms in the netBin HUB. Our add-on GPS option allows you to track the movement of bins helping to minimise theft.

How netBin improves your litter bin service

Use the netBin fill level monitoring system and;litter bin sensor netBin

  • Reduce overflowing bins
  • Only empty bins that need to be emptied
  • Stop unnecessary journeys to empty bins
  • Utilise your staff fully
  • Save time
  • Monitor staff performance
  • Detect theft with GPS option

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