Make Your Bin a Smarter Bin

Retrofitting netBin to regular bins turns them into smart bins capable of automatically reporting their own status information

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netBin uses smart measuring and complex communication algorithms to monitor and report bins status information to system managers. Our smart bin sensor the nPod can be fitted into numerous containers to track fill levels, monitor staff, detect fire and warn of suspected vandalism or theft.

Fill level detection

Dual ultrasonic sensors mounted inside a variable angle barrel make netBin’s nPod the most versatile bin sensor available on the market. Unrivaled reliability and accuracy of measurement is thanks to using dual ultrasonics and smart algorithms.

Built in intelligence allows the nPod to report fill levels only when significant changes have occurred, this extends battery life and allows managers in the netBin HUB to respond to realtime fill level changes.

smart bin by using netBin

Temperature & Fire detection

The nPod is constantly monitoring the temperature in the bin to ensure it doesn’t exceed normal day-to-day temperatures. If a sharp increase in temperature is detected a connection with netBin HUB will be made immediately ensuring that warning is given to the appropriate people by SMS, email or system alert.

Tilt & Vibration detection

Detecting and reporting empties in litterbins and recycling bins using a sophisticated accelerometer allows netBin to give an almost live view of bins being serviced.

Automatically detect presence of waste operative

The nPods inbuilt bluetooth works with netBin phone apps to detect the presence and duration of operatives vists. This gives a valuable insight in operative performance and which bins need checking more often.

Add more sensors

Using inbuilt low energy bluetooth our nPod can support 3rd party sensors to future proof your deployment of smart bin sensors.

GPS Location

Using our add-on GPS feature allows tracking of your bins locations and makes monitoring of mobile containers straight forward. We also fit GPS as a means of theft detection, alarms in the netBin HUB can be configured to detect significant unexpected change in location.

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