Textile Bank Monitoring

Modernise your textile collection with our textile bank monitoring and security solution


Textile recycling banks collect a valuable assets and are distributed over wide areas making unnecessary collections costly. The filling patterns of clothing banks are typically sporadic and are very difficult to predict with any certainty, but with the addition of textile bank monitoring this can change. netBin has had fantastic success with multiple textile collection companies, add your company to that list by getting in touch.


Textile banks are also a prime target for repeatable theft which reduces revenues and damages from the banks. FarSite have developed and deployed the nLok secure locking system to numerous banks around the UK, get in touch to find out how we can put a stop to textile theft.

netBin textile bank monitoring for Salvation Army

The collection of clothing banks is expensive so small improvement in efficiency gained by using the netBin system give a significant saving. Monitoring  textile banks offers savings and improvement in several ways.

The Salvation Army trading company are the largest textile collection service in the UK and have begun trialling netBin in the east midlands, read more here.

How netBin improves your textile collection service

Use the netBin fill level monitoring system and;

  • Reduce overflowing banks
  • Only empty banks that need to be emptied which stops unnecessary journeys to empty banks
  • Ensure collectors are not skimming banks
  • Accumulate evidence of bank behavior
  • Maximise recovery of valuable textiles from site
  • Save fuel
  • Save time
  • Detect theft with GPS option

Textile bin monitoring netBin

How nLok has transformed textile bank security

  • Textile banks will only grant access to authorised collectors
  • All activity with the bank is logged for improved tracking
  • Rogue collectors can be shut down instantly
  • Get confirmation banks have been visited
  • Unauthorised access attempts trigger email alerts

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nLok - Textile bank security

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