• Flood level sensing

    Liquid level monitoring solution which enables automated warnings for increased safety and efficiency gains

  • Smart Waste Solution to improve the efficiency of waste collections, save time, save fuel and reduce carbon emissions

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Optimised bin monitoring and collection, our system monitors fill levels, temperature and position of your bins

  •  Reduce collection costs
  •  Increase collection efficiency
  •  Rugged design with 10yr battery life
  •  Easy install

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nLok access control system


Protect your assets in the field with a highly secure access control system.

  • Highly secure and encrypted system
  • Limited training required
  • All access logged and reviewable
  • Automated alert systems

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Liquinet - liquid level monitoring


Liquinet provides a reliable and affordable way to remotely monitor liquid levels.

  •  Automated water level warnings
  •  Waterproof and rugged fill sensor
  •  Comprehensive warning system
  •  Keep a full historical record

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