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Liquinet provides a reliable and affordable way to remotely monitor liquid levels of a variety of systems. The solution enables those reported levels to be used in a variety of useful ways.

The solution can be used with the majority of liquid monitoring scenarios. For example for water storage systems to warn when resource levels are running low and need to be refilled, or with drainage systems to warn when of a potential flood event.

The Liquinet solution is comprised of an ultrasonic fill level sensor (nPod) a web based management (Hub) platform and APIs to share data with 3rd party solutions.

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Culvert Monitoring – Knowsley, UK

Main Features

Proven & Reliable Sensing

At the heart of the Liquinet solution is the nPod, an industry proven sensor that has been deployed since 2014 in various applications and is now its 3rd refinement. We continually develop the nPod to ensure that Liquinet provides the most reliable, accurate and useful data to the users of the system.

Waterproof & Rugged

The nPod has been custom designed by FarSite to be strong and waterproof in the hardest environments. The IP67 rated enclosure means the nPod is ideal for use in wet environments and will continue to work after being submerged in a flood event.

Flexible Install Barrel

nPod’s unique moveable sensor barrel makes installation into a variety of situations quick and easy. Simply select the optimum location, adjust the sensors barrel to the spot to be measured then lock it into place.

nPod can be mounted on the underside of drains or bridges, onto vertical walls and onto angled surfaces with ease.

Liquinet nPod flood sensor

nPod Technical Specification

Fill Measurement SensorDual high sensitivity 40KHz ultrasonic sensor
Variable angle sensor housing135° range lockable by 2 discrete grub screws
Depth Range 5cm – 400cm (up to 600cm with long range sensor) Accuracy +/- 2cm
Temperature SensorReports temperature
EnclosureIngress Protection Rating IP67
MaterialABS Polycarbonate
FixingM6 tamper proof machine screw
Dimensions140 x 122 x 46 mm excluding fixing mounts
Weight        Approx 440g
Operating Temperature-30oC to +80oC
Battery Lifetime10 years (2 updates per day average)
Communication options GPRS, 3G, nB-IoT (NB1), LTE Cat-M1.
Approvals and complianceCE, FCC, RoHS2, REACH, WEEE, European Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU

Web Based Platform

The Liquinet Hub is accessible online without installing any software. The Hub enables a quick assessment of water levels across the area by using a variety of views and filters. It enables remote configuration of nPods and creation of automated alerts.

With three user access levels it can be used by various staff for viewing only or in depth configuration.

Comprehensive Warning System

Built into the nPod and Hub is the automated and responsive alerts feature that enables important data to be prioritised at a sensor level and then quickly dispatched to staff by the platform.

Alerts can be triggered by a variety of parameters such as water level above or below a defined value, temperature, vibration, breakdown in communications and many more.

Full Historical Record

Liquinet securely stores all of the collected data from each nPod for viewing in a historical graph. Alerts can be sent to users of the Liquinet system by email, Hub alert, text or WeChat.

This powerful tool enables deep analysis of flood events or water usage which has been a valuable tool to Liquinet users to date.

System Health Checks

FarSite are well known for excellent attention to detail and a fast pragmatic approach to technical support.

For your piece of mind all Liquinet systems are monitored by FarSite’s automated tools too seek out errors and anomalies, this is all part of the Liquinet service. Our experienced support engineers review possible issues and if they think it’s a problem will contact you about it with a suggested action, most issues can be compensated for with an altered configuration so a trip to that location is often not necessary.

Users can also themselves configure alerts in the Hub to be notified if a sensor stops reporting in and other unusual events so the system tell you if it detects an issue saving time and keeping the system working optimally.

Future Proof Solution

All components of the Liquinet solution are being continually enhanced and developed by our in-house team. nPod’s installed in the field can be updated over the air to the take advantage of new features, techniques and fixes.

The Hub is similarly under constant development to ensure Liquinet is at the cutting edge of liquid level monitoring.

nPod is available with a variety of communication options to ensure a future proof options is available for your area.


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