nLok textile bank security

Download nLok Datasheet

Combat theft of textiles with the secure netBin nLok system which identifies and autonomously grants access to authorised collectors only.

Our unique solution confronts a worldwide issue of repeatable theft from textiles banks. nLok allows you to control and manage 1000s of electronically secured textile banks from one central management platform with ease and professionalism.

Combined with our industry leading textile fill level monitoring sensor you will have the ultimate gateway to efficiency, cost savings and security. Thousands of textile banks now operate using our systems, get in touch to find out how we can save you money and win you more contracts.


  • Highly secure, innovative authenticated and encrypted access control system
  • All bank access and attempts are centrally logged with smartphone user details
  • Minimal collector training required
  • Operates in poor signal areas as cellular connection is not required for banks to be opened
  • Central management platform netBin HUB automatically issues email and SMS alerts on key events to minimise management overhead of monitoring

How does it work?

The inner workings of nLok are of course confidential but see below for short summary of nLok’s operating principle.

nLok diagram- highly secure locking for textile banks

Please get in touch with our very experienced and friendly staff for the whole story, they will check that nLok is a suitable solution for you and answer any questions you may have regarding the installation, operation and cost. After establishing outlines of the project we can arrange a live demo to illustrate some of netBin’s best features currently in use in the field.



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